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Rule #1: If you're not happy, we're not happy!

You will always deal with a professional sports agent. 

All wagers are recorded and repeated to you at the completion of the call. Please be clear when making a wager. WWWInc. wants to avoid any misunderstandings before you complete the call. 

All wagers are final at the completion of the call. If you have any questions on your account, you should call WWWInc. immediately. 

All wagering calls are tape recorded and any disputes will be referred to the tape for final determination. We are fully computerized with all wagers, moneyline prices, and pointspreads being controlled by the system. This is done to increase accuracy and promote efficiency. In case of a dispute, the tape recording and NOT the computer information will serve as the final determination. 

To open an account the minimum initial deposit is $100.00 for an Online Account, and $300.00 to open a phone -in account. to The minimum wager on sporting events is $50.00 Phone-In and $5.00 online. WWWInc. reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager. 

Maximum wager is $10,000 unless other arrangements have been made. 

To cash your winnings, simply indicate how much you would like sent via Bank wire, FedEx or Western Union. 

Payouts can be requested 7days a week 365 days a year. However, they can only be sent Mondays - Fridays before 3pm via Western Union and Fedex, Saturdays if requested before 1:00 p.m. Eastern time, excluding local restrictions. 

All rules and regulations of World Wide Wagering, Inc., are currently and will always be consistent with the Nevada Gaming Commission, and any revisions they make in the future. For wagering purposes, WWWInc. will recognize the Commission as the final decision. 

All sporting events must take place on date and site scheduled unless otherwise specified. If any event is postponed and/or rescheduled said event will automatically result in "no action".(exception: See NASCAR rules) 

Winners and losers are official after:

College and Pro Football

55 min. of play

Pro Basketball

43 min. of play

College Basketball

35 min. of play


55 min. of play

When a wager is placed on a 'total', overtime periods are counted in the final score. On second half wagers, overtime periods are counted in the final score.

Placing wagers or collecting wagers by anyone under 21 years of age is prohibited. Upon learning that an account is opened or being used by a minor, WWWInc. will immediately terminate the account. 

Any Wager made from the Game, to the 1st half time to the same Game, is illegal and will not accepted as a Bet!

WWWInc. has the right to add, delete or change house wagering rules and payoff odds.

Also WWW HAS THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ANY BET(S) WITH AN OBVIOUS INCORRECT LINE. In the case of straight bets, the bet(s) will be cancelled. If the wager is a parlay bet we have the option of leaving an open spot, in it's stead. In that case the Customer has the option to use the correct line or change to any team/event of their choice.


If a 2 Team Reverse is placed, with "One Side" left "OPEN", these are the conditions of the wager/wagers:

The Wager "Must be Started with a "Regular Named Team". If the wager is selected otherwise it will be considered "Null and Void".
The same Team can be tied to any other Team or left "Open" 3 times. If used more than the stated 3 Times, all selections done, after the 3 time limit, those selections will be considered "Null and Void".

ALL "Open Reverses" must be completed by the "End of the Current Sport Week", no exceptions!

If a partial Winner is not closed, the "Wager Will be Considered Null and Void".
If a partial Loser is not closed, the "Wager Will be Considered Lost".

Open Reverses can be called or placed thru the "Bet Taker" online. Online Selection is found by clicking on the pull-down tab, to the right of "Straight Bet" under the Header "Bet Slip".

There is a "Header" located in the left panel to help locate the "Open Reverse Event Numbers".

At this time, the "Closing of Open Reverses" must be done thru the "Call Center" or Customer Service Department(CSD).

**When mixing college and pro teams in a teaser, use the college teaser table for payouts. A tie on a three or more team teaser will reduce to the next lowest level.

A three or more team teaser with a tie reduces to the next lowest level.


Teaser Rules are Agent dependent. Therefore "Buying" of Points and
"Payout Tables" cannot be shown.

Please speak with your Agent regarding
"Ties" and applicable juices.



2 TEAMS***














 *** A tie on a two team parlay results in a straight payoff at 9/10.










 Buying of points is not allowed on circle games.

In pro football when buying off a game with a 3 (+/-) point spread, the lay is 13/10. When buying thru a 3 (+/-) point spread the lay is 15/10.

Dallas-3 buying down to -2.5 (buying a of a point) the lay is 13/10.
Dallas-3.5 buying down to -2.5 (buying 1 point) the lay is 15/10.



Proposition Wagers: All proposition wagers are action as soon as the game starts unless otherwise specified on the particular sport ruling, for any PLAYER props the player MUST take part of the game for action.

Future wagers: All future wagers are action as soon as the season or the event starts unless the season or the event is not fully completed in which case they will be graded as no action.

  • NBA Regular Season Wins futures: Each team MUST play 82 regular season games for action 
  • NFL Regular season wins futures: each team MUST play 16 games of regular season for action
  • MLb Regular season games: Each team MUST play 160 games of regular season for action 
  • Coll Football Regular season wins : Each team MUST complete all their regular season games for action(Bowl games are not included)

Odds are given for a team or individual to win an event. The odds are based upon one unit.

To win the Superbowl-
Green Bay Packers 2:1 = Laying $100 to get $200
Dallas Cowboys 4:1 = Laying $100 to get $400

This is showing that for every unit you risk (the number on the right of the colon) on a team; you win the number of units on the left (number on the left of the colon).

FOOTBALL PROPS: Abbreviations which may appear:

Pts –Points , Yds- Yards , Rec- Receiving , Rep- Receptions , Def- Defensive , Rus- Rushing , Pass-Passing, QB-Quarterbacks, OT -Overtime

Props will be offered on Televised Evening Games: Ex Sunday and Monday Night games

Players MUST play for there to be action. If the player does not play, all Bets will be canceled.


WWWInc. refers to  for Official the statistics of NFL games.


Click HERE for the Baseball Rules

Winners and Losers are official after:

Baseball Straights (home team winning)

4.5 innings

Baseball Straights (visitor winning)

5 innings

Run Lines/Baseball Totals (home team winning)

8.5 innings

Run Lines/Baseball Totals (road team winning)

9 innings

Suspended Game Rules for Baseball
For wagering purposes, the score of the last complete inning is the final score. All action on the side will count at that point, and all run lines and total wagers will be cancelled even though the game will be completed at a future date.

All first-half wagers (First 5 innings) must list both pitchers. If either listed pitcher does not start, wagers on the first half (5 innings) will be canceled. Once the First 5 Innings are completed, ALL BETS are Valid whether game is completed or not.

Baseball Series Prices: Bet on series prices are based on the first 3 games played, neither team can play another opponent between schedule games, if one of the first 3 games gets postponed all wagers are action, if less than 3 games are played the team with the advantage is the winner of the series.

Team to Score First and Will There be a Score in First Inning props must list both Pitchers. If either listed Pitcher does not start, Wagers will be canceled. All Bets are action regardless of Game Suspension or Postponement once a team has scored and as long as First Inning is completed.

Post-Season Series Rules: Major League Baseball adopted a rule in January 2009 ensuring that any post-season game halted after it begins will resume from the point of suspension rather than postponed and restarted another day.

ALL BASEBALL FUTURES are for the Entire Season and will be graded at the END of the Regular Season according to the Results.


1. The game becomes official (action) after 55 minutes of play.

2. Hockey Games must be played for 20 minutes for there to be action.

3. There are NO TIES.

4. If there is a TIE at the end of regulation, there will be a 5 minute overtime period. Goals scored during overtime are included for wagers on the game.

5. If a game remains tied after the 5 minute, four-on-four overtime period, the teams will engage in a SHOOTOUT*.The new shootout rule guarantees a winner each game.

The Team winning in the Shootout will have 1 GOAL added to their score (regardless of how many goals scored in the shoot-out), which will be recognized for the total goals scored as well as the winning team.


Following a scoreless 5 minute overtime, four-on-four overtime period, three players from each team participate in the order the coach selects.

Each team takes three shots. The team with the most goals after those six shots is the winner.

If the score remains tied, the shootout will proceed to a "sudden death" format.

Regardless the number of goals scored during the shootout portion of overtime, the final score recorded for the game will give the winning team one more goal than the score at the end of regulation time.



Odds to Win the Tournament This is for an individual to win the overall event. If a tournament is shortened, does not go to number of holes (72 holes) or otherwise affected by weather, all bets still stands regardless of the number of rounds played. 

If a player does not TEE off and withdraws PRIOR to the start of the tournament, the wagers on that player with will be graded “NO ACTION”.

If a player has teed off then withdraws from the tournament, wagers placed with that player will be graded as a “Loss”.

 Tournament Matchups:  

Both players listed in the match-up bet MUST tee-off in order to have action. The player with the most completed holes wins. If the players complete the same number of holes, then the player with the lowest score overall wins. If the players are still tied, the bet will be no action and all monies refunded.

If a Player is disqualified or withdraws after starting, either prior to the completion of rounds or after both players has made the Cut, the other player is deemed the winner.

Single-day match-ups (1st Round, 2nd Round, 3rd, 4th) are bets on that particular day's 18-holes. Both player MUST Tee off.  If a player withdraws, or is disqualified before the end of the round, the player with the most completed holes or the lowest score is the winner of the match-up. 

For Tournament Propositions, all four (4) rounds must be played for bets to have action. For bets on finishing positions, the official final tournament results will determine the winner. 


Tennis Rules provides all tennis wagers on the individual matches or sets.

-Two full sets must be completed without player's withdrawal, incapacity or disqualification for wagers to stand.

-Less than 2 sets completed - all wagers will be considered void.

-If a match is rescheduled due to scheduling, weather problems, bad light, etc. then all bets will have action and all wagers will stand.

-If the start of a match is delayed or if play during match is suspended, all pending wagers will remain valid as long as play is resumed and the match completed.


Boxing: Once the bell has sounded to start the first round the fight becomes official. A bet placed on a round is considered a full round only when the bell sounds to end that round. Upon the stopping of a fight in mid-round, the exact time of that round will be used for round propositional betting. 


NASCAR WAGERING: Wagers will count if the race is to be run on the next day, unless deemed official by the Nevada Gaming Commission


Wagering On Soccer

Official ruling stands that the game must go the whole 90 mins of regulation time plus any injury time added on for action otherwise the game will be graded as no action!!

There is a wealth of different bets for soccer punters to get their teeth into and demand has caused the bookies to come up with new and varying bets over the last few years.

Single Bets

    This is the most basic of all bets. It involves betting on the outcome of a match in 90 minutes (i.e. 1st          half and 2nd half), choosing whether the game will end in a home win, an away win or the draw. Extra time does not count in this case - as in many Cup matches, when goals scored in extra-time do not count for betting purposes. However, separate odds are often quoted for a team to go through to the next round (either through winning in extra-time, by penalties or by the golden goal) - these bets are usually termed "outright winner" bets, as opposed to "within 90 minutes winner" bets.


Horse wagering: 

Payoffs are at track odds up to 20-1 for win, 8-1 for place, and 4-1 for show.

The maximum payoff on a single horse wager is $10,000. That means that no matter how you bet the horse, your maximum payoff is limited to $10,000.

Horseracing futures and pools : If any horse listed in the pool does not start the race, wagers on that horse are considered losing wagers.

All exotic bets, such as Quinellas, Exactas, Trifectas, Pick-3’s & 4’s, etc. are limited to a maximum payout of $5,000.

All races close 2 minutes prior to post. (Exception: big races will close when the last horse is in the gate) The time will be stamped at the end of the call, when the ticket is sent over the internet. In the case of called-in tickets, a time will be given at the end of the call, including read-back. If the race goes off before this time, the bet will be considered Past-Post and disallowed.


Payoff Table















Daily Double


Pick 3 


Pick 4 


Win Parlay 


Place Parlay


Show Parlay



There are "Payout Table" shown for each Casino Table Game.
Additionally, there are "Stop WIN/LOSS" DAILY LIMITS for each Client.
These limits may result in "LESSER PAYOFFS" then the "Payout Table" shows.
Please consult with your Agent regarding these "LESSER LIMITS".

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