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World Wide Wagering

Sign up for a new account with World Wide Wagering and recieve an additional 20% added to your first initial deposit.*

You must be at least 21 years old. Please check with your respective government for legality. World Wide Wagering, Inc. is fully licensed by the Government of Dominica.

You can open a new account with us in three easy steps.

You will have an opportunity to create a new Login name and password. If your login or password does not work immediately, please call 1-866-296-4141 or e-mail us at explain that you have filled out the application and made your minimum deposit. but have not been granted access .

2. Make a deposit into your new account.
You can make deposits with us in a number of ways:

Bank TransferHave funds withdrawn and deposited directly into your personal bank account

Western Union World Wide Wagering recommends Western Union as a secure and fast way to get your funds transferred anywhere in the world. With Western Union or MoneyGram your account can be activated and ready to begin wagering within approx. TEN MINUTES after obtaining your money transfer control number.

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Please call 1-800-239-2277 for the most current money transfer instructions available. We currently credit transfer fees for clients sending $300.00 or more.

 *Sign-Up Bonus of 10% apply's to all initial deposits of $300.00 U.S. or more plus the transfer fees.

Qualifications for receiving Bonus Money:

1) You must put into action ten(10) times your initial deposit funds.
2) All wagers must reach a decision to count as a wager. Ties are canceled.
3) Only wagers placed on Sporting Events will be counted. No Casino or Racebook action will be counted.
4) Any withdrawal of funds before completion of "Roll-Over" commitment will cause "entire Bonus" to be terminated.
5) The life of the Bonus Plan is one(1) year from the date of funds deposited.

3. Login to our online sportsbook and start betting
or call one of our toll free numbers and place your bet with one of our experienced and courteous wager operators. Either way you choose, World Wide Wagering is determined to be your #1 source for online wagering world wide.