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Our affiliate program is much more than the standard sign-up percentage share offered by most online Sport Books. It's an opportunity to increase your income and upgrade your business!

Preferred agents enjoy added percentages for referring their clients to World Wide Wagering, and BONUSES for registering with our Sports Book as a "CUSTOM WRITE-FOR PACKAGE." All of our agents have peace of mind knowing that their clients are being handled by an established office with 40 years of experience and state of the art Sports Book Software.

Depending on your level of participation (see below for agent types), your business can earn generous rewards. WWW covers all major sporting events with a wide selection of wagering options to keep your clients interested and playing, and YOU benefit! No other service in this industry handles Affiliate Agents the way WWW does. Your $$ is handled like it was our $$. We'll put you on the BEST NUMBER according to YOUR ACTION. Also, we're always on the lookout for "Sharks," and we'll keep you posted to any dangers in the water!

Email us today at or call our highly qualified Customer Service Department at 1-888-296-4141 to sign up for this profitable Affiliate Program!

WWW offers 3 types of Affiliate Programs. Please review them all and decide which one is best for you:

Option #1: Service Agent

This type of program is strictly for those Agents who have their own customers and will be their own “Bank”. WWW would charge for the “Write-Only” package with an agreed upon “Weekly Fee” for each client who wagers online or calls in for lines during any given weekly period. The base rate per client per week is dependent upon the number of clients needing to be serviced. WWW's normal billing has two rates, one for Internet Clients and one for Phone-In. However, an "All Inclusive Fee" can also be arranged. In this type of package, a “Deposit” of one week’s anticipated active clients' fee is required.

Option #2: Split Agent

This type of program is for Agents who want to be involved as a "Shared Banker” with WWW. All accounts opened under this agreement would be divided, percentage wise, between the Agent and WWW. The actual percentages of the split are negotiable. An additional feature WWW offers is to include "Sub-Agents" in your package. In this case, you would get your own commission after the Sub-Agent's commission has been deducted from any “Net” winnings. The remainder is divided between the “Split Agent" and WWW. Players accounts can be in one of two categories: The first is “Post-Up,” meaning that the player has to put monies into his/her account before wagering. The second is "Credit," meaning that the Agent guarantees the player by depositing funds for him/her to play against.

Option #3: Commission Agent

This type of program is for Agents who do not want any “Out of Pocket” or any “Guaranteed Funds” placed on deposit. Players would have to establish their own “Banks” through one of our established deposit methods. The commission percentage between the Agent and WWW would be based on the number of players and/or the average dollar amount wagered by the players. In this case, the Agent would be placed in “Make-Up” (REDLINE) if the package wins for any given week. Any "Make-Up" figure would be deducted from any commission due before commissions are figured and released. Agents would receive the agreed upon commission for any given week that the clients in the package end up as a net loss.

Additional Affiliate Benefits Include:

> The Most Client-Friendly & State of the Art Sports Book Wagering Software Available
> Online and Call-In Sports Book Bet Centers
> Online and Call-In Race Book Bet Centers
> Top Senior Management Team with over 40 years of experience in this business
> Experienced Phone Writers with over 15 years of experience
> Fully Recorded Phone System with Instant Retrieval
> Individual Line Sets (for qualified packages)
> Rapid Payouts

Thank you for considering World Wide Wagering (WWW) and we look forward to working with you!